IB Classes

IB is a course which prepares students for University like no other course. It has distinct advantages over other similar courses designed as Pre-University courses. In spite of this, it is also a course which creates the most amount of apprehension amongst the students and parents alike.

Worry not, help is at hand, we are here to bring out the best of the students, even while keeping the spirit of IB alive. We have the knowledge and the expertise with which we can enhance the skills of the child and get the progress graph of your child to its optimum level.

Our expertise is in fields of Internal Assessments in all subjects and our subject experts have extensive knowledge in delivering the syllabus keeping in mind the criteria-based assessments, which form the backbone of the IB syllabuses.

Though we have the expertise to tackle and teach each of the IB subjects, as a pilot scheme, we are starting with the Group 1 and 2 subjects, namely, Language 1 (English) and the Second Language option of Hindi, Spanish and French.
On special request, we can provide guidance and help in the other subject areas, specifically the Sciences (Group 4), Mathematics (Group 5) and Humanities (Group 3).